"One of the most fulfilling moments in your life is when you discover your purpose. So if anyone asks me, I say with the biggest smile; my purpose is to share authentic knowledge  that serves as a catalyst to self discovery, self expression, and self leadership."
- Dr. Janee Moss

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About the Founder-Head of School

Dr. Janée Moss has been a tutor for over 31 years and an educator for over 23 years.  Though her main focus has been math and science, she tutors in all subject areas. She earned a BChE degree from Georgia Tech in 1994. She worked successfully in engineering for six years, but found working with students to be more fulfilling. So in 1996, she earned her MEd from University of Georgia. During this time, she did her internship in the Clarke County School system and taught at Georgia College & State University. She later earned her PhD in Natural Health from 
CCNH (2000) in Birmingham, Alabama. She is presently working on a series of "fun to learn" books for students that will focus on math and science.